Sunday, January 6, 2008


Part six of Bach's Christmas Oratorio was to be performed, "For the Feast of Epiphany." This feast recalls the story of the Magi who followed the star, met with King Herod, and then went on to Bethlehem to worship the Child. The text for this cantata is from Matthew 2.7-12, where the evil-minded Herod meets with the Magi, who have come to Jerusalem to inquire about the newborn King. Bach sees this encounter as a paradigm for the spiritual struggle between the forces of darkness and light.

The cantata begins with a chorus expressing trust in the Lord for refuge in the spiritual battle that rages.
Lord, if proud enemies rage,
Let us then in steadfast faith

Look to thy might and help.

We will put our trust in thee alone,

So may we withstand unharmed

The talons of the fiend.

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